I have loved visual arts since being a little child. Sculpting is my greatest passion. I have tried different kinds of clay for sculpting, from natural earthen clay to polymer clay, and finally chosen a fine air dry clay, natural and easy to work with, as my sculpting material. As many other artists I suffer from creativity mood swings, that is there are times I am full of projects and ideas and will to work and create, and there are times when I don’t feel motivated to create. I have contrasted the down periods by changing my creation techniques, so from sculpting I switch to drawing, then to painting, then to creating an art doll, and doing so I have resolved the creativity mood swings. On this blog I am sharing different kinds of my creations, and things I have learned during years of experimenting in the art field, which I think maybe useful for others too.

Please note that all the materials shared on this blog are the result of my efforts and many hours of tough work, so naturally they are all copyrighted. If you like to use any of them please comment here and we will talk about it.

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy my works! 🙂


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