Back to polymer clay with zodiac elements

My pause this time has lasted less than a year! LOL Custom orders are the main reason for my absence (not talking about all my responsibilities in life). They don’t only take lots of time, but lower my creativity for making new things, as I should follow certain lines and things should turn out in certain ways and there is no freedom for my imagination and fantasy to fly far. So I am thinking seriously about not accepting custom orders anymore.

Meanwhile, I have been back to polymer clay! I have been working with air dry clay, stone and resin. Each one has their own pros and cons:

  • While air dry clay is very light so the pendants made with it are great to wear on a necklace, they are more delicate and need more care in handling.
  • Stones are great for paintings, but only when they are flat and small, otherwise could be heavy to be worn as a necklace.
  • Talking about resins to be used for casts, it is always accompanied by lots of panic for me, as it could be very harmful to health during the work if all the safety precautions are not followed correctly, even if the final result is safe to be worn on skin the person who creates them should be very careful during the process.

So I am still working with those materials every now and then, but am back to polymer clay too. At least it doesn’t produce toxic gases like resins do, and won’t put you at risk if you touch them accidentally!

I just leave the pieces in the oven and open the window, keep the door closed just to get sure that the air inside the room wouldn’t enter the other rooms, just to be sure that there would be no risks of any kind. Oh, I also wear gloves while manipulating and working with the clay, as I have read somewhere that it doesn’t get off the skin easily, not even by washing with soap and water. You should use rubbing alcohol in order to get rid of the tiny residues on your skin.

Here is the first work from my zodiac element signs series realized with polymer clay. This one is for water element signs, I am working on the fire sign right now. The earth and air will be soon there too.



Hand painted teardrop shape turquoise pendant for water element zodiac signs


4 thoughts on “Back to polymer clay with zodiac elements

    • Then I recommend you this necklace 😀 it is now on my Etsy shop ^_^
      Ah, there are times I would rather stay in silence, as writing becomes so time consuming and difficult. Then there are times I feel like I could write about anything very easily. Though by getting older my silence mood times seem getting longer and longer…

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