Charcoal Portrait Drawing

I was so impressed by Kings of Leon’s Wall video, so much that I had to let the feelings come out in the form of a drawing! I think the feelings transmitted from Caleb Followill’s eyes and song are well transmitted into my drawing and I can’t be happier with the result!
I have realized this drawing using charcoal pencil on the white Fabriano paper, and a mechanical earaser.

Caleb Followill's realistic portrait drawing

Caleb Followill’s Portrait drawing using charcoal pencil and mechanical earaser


4 thoughts on “Charcoal Portrait Drawing

    • Kath you are always so sweet and kind, thanks a lot! xxx I would like to make a sculpture of him too, who knows when I will find the time for that…
      Lovely haircut and hair color by the way! I’ve got a short haircut too last week, I feel much better with it.

      • Hey Mary I can tell by the art that you have been inspired by him love to see the sculpture. My hair is actually longer than I usually go I asked the hairdresser to make it more like a bob cut so I can grow it out, but I won’t last I bet I cut it real short in the hotter months. Nothing better than hair I don’t have to fuss over. You would look gorgeous no matter what you did with your hair.

        • Kath thank you! I think that video transmits very deep feelings in an overwhelming manner, or at least that’s what it does to me. Have you watched the Wall video? I can watch it over and over for hours, but then I will have to draw! ^_^
          Me too like to keep my hair short, long hair is not for me at all. Can’t spend any time to keep it in order, I was looking like a wandering witch before I got the chance to get a haircut! 😀

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