I love the moon!

As I was saying in my last post, I am a moon lover! There is something so poetic, so romantic, and so mysterious with the moon.
This is another moon theme painting on stone I have realized as an art pendant. I am thinking of creating some art prints or postcards with my moon theme illustrations, as I like the concepts so much. The strange thing about these paintings is that I don’t even try to think about what to paint, the ideas come just while painting, and honestly it had been a while that I couldn’t have new ideas coming into my mind so easily and rapidly! So I just keep up being inspired by the moon and the night sky, until the flow of ideas will stop…

original acrylic painting on stone, realized as a unique art pendant

The stone is always from the Trebbia riverside near to us. And if you are wondering where I have bought the wonderful silver plated bail from, here is the shop where you can find it together with other fine quality supplies for jewelry making, the shop owner is a wonderful person, and is also a fantastic artist and creator with a brilliant taste: http://www.dichroicglasssupplies.com/
The great fact about the DichroicCreations supplies is that the seller as an artist and creator has been using the supplies she sells, on her own jewelry. She has chosen the best quality products after many years of experience. And of course you will love her jewelry too, her creations seem to come from another planet and time, or a parallel world? The colors and the way she mixes them are really fascinating.


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