Each year a new technique?!

I had lost the count, but today visiting my blog I noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a year! Against the last year, being concentrated on resin cast reproductions, this year I have been concentrated mostly on some more natural technique, that is painting on stones!
We live 10-15 minutes far from a lovely river “Trebbia”. The valley in which this river flows “Val Trebbia” is the most beautiful valley in the world, according to Hemingway! What is more inspiring than walking along a lovely river side, looking for the stones which could be turned into different kinds of creations?

The procedure is easy, if they are small and flat and have a nice shape, I pick them up, then drill them to use them for my paintings on stones as pendants. If they are bigger, and have a particular shape that transmits already the idea of a particular creation, I pick them up to use them for my bizarre sculptures, and you will see what I mean by bizarre! 😀

I use acrylic colors to paint on my stones, and then after a couple of days, when the colors are completely dry and cured, I apply several layers of varnish on them.

Here is my recent work, it’s a lovely romantic scene, isn’t it? It could be used as a home decor, or a table or shelf decor. I have created several pendants or art stones with the moon theme during this year. I am a moon lover, what about you?

Crescent moon and long hair girl, painting on stone

Crescent moon and long hair girl, painting on stone


4 thoughts on “Each year a new technique?!

  1. Oh Mary this is so beautiful. I love the moon too and last night it was almost full and so big and bold. I want to paint my zen birds onto stones for paper weights at the markets but I don’t have anywhere close that I can pick them up from nature. I adore my art/jewellery necklace I bought from you. So nice to see you blogging again, have a wonderful day, it must be the end of spring for you. xxxx

    • Kath, you are always so sweet and kind, thank you so much for your heartwarming words. It is so hard to find the time for blogging, I just hope to be able to continue posting every now and then… Am thinking of adding some tutorials, or simply show how I work on stones, but it is so hard to have everything arranged to take some photos during the work, I have inspirations always when it’s night and the photos don’t turn out really good without natural day light.
      Oh I wish I could send you some stones from Trebbia river for your lovely zen birds, but I’m afraid the weight would make the shipping cost too high 😦
      Here we should have had spring, but actually it looks more like autumn, always rainy and windy… the strangest spring I have ever seen. Hopefully I have your wonderful wren painting which keeps bringing the joy of spring into my room. xxxxx

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