My new air dry clay creations, fantasy celestial pendants!

I’ve always been fascinated by sky and celestial objects, so what could be better for me than uniting this passion with the one for sculpture and put it into the creation of something I can share with the world? Something like a pendant that people can wear and carry along to keep all that cosmic positive energies with themselves?!

OOAK sun portrait sculpture pendant

OOAK handmade air dry stone clay celestial objects portrait pendants, sun portrait pendant

I create these pendants with my favorite Japanese air dry stone clay, which is very smooth and soft. You can add miniature details to it, while after drying it becomes strong and hard. When dried completely they are colored with acrylic colors and sealed with varnish. I use glossy varnish for the eyes and lips.

The first pendant is sun, a fantasy portrait of it, what just came to my mind thinking of this amazing star on which our lives depend. Will continue making other celestial objects. Moon is under work and will be published soon on my Etsy shop. You can follow me on Etsy or on my Facebook page to receive updates of my works.
And if you’re interested to know how I make my pendants just leave me a comment and I’ll try to explain everything in a tutorial post.

Thanks for stepping by, hope to see you back soon! 🙂


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