My polymer clay princess doll

I made this one of a kind little doll with polymer clay. She’s totally handmade, no mold ever used.
I use acrylic colors to color my polymer clay creations.
Even her eyes and her dress are made by my own hands.
That was a tough long project, but at the end I like the result.
Hope you like it too, don’t hesitate to ask any question about this work, I’d like to share what I know with others, as other online sources helped me to learn much about polymer clay.

OOAK Polymer clay princess doll

OOAK Polymer clay princess doll

Here are some photos of this little princess, I say little ’cause she’s only 18 cm height from head to toe. Click to watch the gallery.
By the way, in case you are interested this doll is currently for sale on my Etsy shop with a very special price!


6 thoughts on “My polymer clay princess doll

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Rhissanna! I’m glad you liked my doll. Just checked out your beautiful blog, oh you have created many beautiful dolls! I’m doing some new items with paper clay and just love it. It’s much safer than polymer clay and you don’t have to worry about baking it, etc. I’ll follow you on Etsy! Best wishes!

      • Aww! Thank you! That’s really sweet of you! I always worry that I haven’t made enough, that I’m behind with all the dolls I want to do.

        Paperclay can be dried gently in the oven, and I wish I’d known that earlier. Oven doesn’t need to be hot; you can pop in a sculpt as it’s cooling down from cooking something. There’s a bigger risk of cracking and the armature has to be reasonably heat-resistant, but I think those are the only downsides. It does mean that pieces are hard faster, no more waiting around when you want to get on and see that doll!


        • Wow, what a great tip, I didn’t know that paperclay can be baked! I can’t work continuously on a doll, sometimes have to leave my creations for days (there’s a naughty toddler around who keeps me away from my sculpting and doll making zone for a long time), but I guess this tip will help me a lot in the future, when I can dedicate more time to my dolls and sculptures. Thank you so much for sharing this precious information with me, that’s really very kind of you!
          Have a nice weekend!

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